PKR polls chief says Julau votes acceptable

Datuk Mohd Rashid Din speaks at a press conference at the PKR’s headquarters in Petaling Jaya September 18, 2018. — Picture by Hari Anggara
Datuk Mohd Rashid Din speaks at a press conference at the PKR’s headquarters in Petaling Jaya September 18, 2018. — Picture by Hari Anggara

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 13 — The election in the Julau PKR division in Sarawak will not be held again because a scrutiny of the votes recorded and the technical analysis show that no votes have been dropped out and the results of the poll are actually acceptable.

PKR Party Election Committee Chairman (JPP) Datuk Rashid Din said in a statement that the vote count result analysis proved that all data were safe and had been successfully uploaded to the cloud server system although the e-votes applications at six tablets had been swept clean by the “Prey Anti-Theft” software.

He said JPP held a meeting yesterday and heard explanations from the Operating, System and IT Units and took into account the technical reports from the developer of the e-voting system.

“The results of the PKR election for the Julau division, Sarawak will be uploaded in the official portal of the Party Election (www.pemilihan in the near future,” he said.

Last Saturday, the media reported that 10 units of e-voting tablets used for the Julau PKR division election were found to have been installed with the Prey Anti-Theft software.

 Meanwhile, on the decisions of the PKR re-elections in the Tawau and Pensiangan divisions in Sabah, Rashid said JPP concluded that the integrity of ballot data for the re-elections in both divisions were actually acceptable.

He said the decision reports received by the JPP showed the negative readings on the ‘Number of Ballot Papers Not-Returned’ columns meant that there was a surplus of digital ballot papers received by the system server compared to the number of ballot paper slips produced by the QR engine.

He said checks on the database showed the records of some of the tablets used on the day of the re-elections were not updated to the latest version of the e-voting application ver8.0 (34) which resulted in the new poll data on Nov 11 mixing up with polling data on Nov 4 and 5 in the database system.

“Although the data received by the e-voting system are mixed up, they are still applicable and not corrupt but should go through the methods of separating and reordering the data stored in the master and backup bases. The e-voting system is capable of doing so because every ballot data has been labelled with a place, time and date of the vote cast.

Rashid said the results of the PKR re-elections at the Tawau and Pensiangan divisions would be uploaded on the official portal of the Party Election ( after all the processes of separating and restructuring of the data were completed. — Bernama

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