KUALA LUMPUR, June 30 ― G25 Malaysia is strictly against the transfer of solat jumaat (Friday prayers) to Saturday, says its Assistant Executive Secretary Qayser Shahrin.

This came in response to the allegations that G25 is associated with the transfer announcement of the Muslim’s holy day to Saturday.

“If it is really true that Farouk A. Peru, who is currently in United Kingdom, had issued a statement that Friday prayers should be changed to Saturday then it has no relation with the beliefs of G25 members,” he said in a statement.

Farouk, who teaches Islamic Studies at London’s King’s College and a columnist at Malay Mail, is of the opinion that it would be more convenient for Muslims to have the prayer on Saturday because Friday is usually not part of the weekend in most parts of the world.

In his article that was published last week at an online religious dialogue website Patheos.com, Farouk says the congregational prayer is not only for Muslims to recharge their spiritual batteries but to also achieve a meaningful spiritual experience.

Farouk thinks that such an experience cannot be achieved if Muslims have to perform the prayer in a hurry.

“We strictly stand on our believe that such statement contradict with the spirit of al-Quran in surah al-Jumaah verse 9 and in a Hadith written by Abu Daud in Sunan book,” said Qayser.

Qayser said that they oppose the idea of altering the prayer day based on the meaning and principles found in the holy book mentioned above.