Firemen free man’s arm stuck in toilet bowl

KUANTAN,  June 30 ― A man who tried to retrieve a cigarette lighter paid an excruciating price when his hand was stuck in the toilet bowl for three agonising hours at a flat unit in Temerloh before he was rescued by firefighters.

In the incident which began about 4pm, the victim who was alone was struggling to free his right hand at the Aman 2 Flat in Taman Seri Kemuning until a neighbour who lived one floor below was alerted of his predicament.

Bukit Angin Fire and Rescue Station chief, Hashnuddin Hussain said five firemen in an engine were despatched to the scene after receiving a distress call.

“Upon arrival at the scene, the firemen found the man’s hand stuck in the toilet flush hole right up to the metal discharge pipe.

“At that juncture, the team had to resort to using a hammer and metal cutter to free the hand from the toilet bowl, only to be forced to break the bowl to release the victim’s hand as it was still stuck in the metal pipe.

“The man was then sent to the Temerloh Hospital where the metal pipe was delicately cut to free the hand,” he said.

Hashnuddin added the victim sustained a swollen hand as it was stuck in the metal pipe which was only cut open at 7.43pm. ― Bernama

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