Malaysian user reports first case of Note 7 fire

Images of the burned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 posted by Ng on Facebook.
Images of the burned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 posted by Ng on Facebook.

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PETALING JAYA, Oct 17 — A Malaysian user has reported what could be the first case of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fire.

Robson Ng shared his experience on Facebook yesterday.

Tagging Samsung Malaysia, Ng said the phone caught fire at 4am while he was driving home with his wife on a highway,

Sarcastically thanking the company for the experience, he said: “I had the opportunity to prove to my wife I am able to handle just about any emergency situation, i.e. able to be in control while having Note7 smoke & fire in the car...”

His post was widely shared, inviting much criticism against the company. In his post he also said that he was able to safely stop his car at an emergency lane without knocking any vehicle and putting out the fire before his car got burned. 

“I was able to stay cool with blinded vision and suffocating heavy white smoke while the car cruised, able to safely stop a moving car with minimal vision at emergency lane without knocking any other vehicles, and able to put out Note7 fire safely before my car got charred. Hope I’ve passed this Samsung situational exam and no more re-certification required. What a Samsung experience...”

The incident horrified him and he was thankful it didn’t occur while he was asleep at home. Now he is worried about his other Samsung products at home.

“I can’t imagine what if this happened in our bedroom while we were asleep. I’m now worried about that big 8kg Samsung dryer we bought early this year.”

In a statement on Wednesday, Samsung Malaysia Electronics (SME) Sdn Bhd urged all pre-order owners of Samsung Galaxy Note7 to power off their devices immediately. The option of a refund or exchange for the Samsung Galaxy S7edge will be available for pre-order owners provided they returned their Samsung Galaxy Note7.

Refunds will be done via bank transfer for a total of RM2,879.10 (pre-order price), and users can also ask for a refund of original Samsung accessories purchased from Samsung Experience Store and participating retail partners with proof of purchase.

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