KUALA LUMPUR, May 25 ― A toy store in Mong Kok, Hong Kong that forced a boy's parents to pay for a damaged Teletubby toy, had to return the money after a clip surfaced showing the incident was not the boy's fault.

The five-year-old boy and his parents had visited the store, KKPlus, on Sunday when he leaned on the 1.8 meter tall doll to give way to the crowd, Mothership reported.

That led to the toy tumbling over, but the shop accused the boy of deliberately kicking it causing the toy to fall.

As a result, the boy's parents had to fork out HK$33,600 (RM18,801) as compensation for the damage.

When a clip showing the boy was not at fault surfaced, KKPlus's parent company Kidsland International issued a statement that they had refunded the money to the parents.

It also said they would take steps to avoid similar incidents in the future and it had removed all toys that are over one-meter tall.

Meanwhile, the boy's mother said they were given a discount for the damaged toy.

Quoting her from a Facebook post, Coconuts Hong Kong reported the mother as saying that the toy retailed at HK$52,800 (RM29,544).

Admitting the onus lay on them as parents, regardless of whether her son broke the item deliberately or unintentionally, she said she was unhappy that the store had accused her son of kicking the sculpture.

“I only realised that I had scolded my son wrongly after receiving a clip [of the incident].” She added it was already “unreasonable” to not have any barriers around such an expensive sculpture.

“But to accuse [my son] of kicking the doll is a fraud.”