KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 21 ― Sick of men hitting on her at the gym, a US-based model is offering £2,200 (RM12,520) to get a bodyguard.

Monica Huldt, who lives in Arizona, told Daily Star she hits the gym at least five times a week but each time the 37-year-old is in training, she has to put up with men trying to chat her up.

Although the Polish native, who has 318,000 Instagram followers, finds the attention flattering, she is fed up with the distraction.

“Working out and exercising is super important to me as I do it not just for my physical health but my mental well-being.”

“I get hit on at the gym at least once every time I go and I work out at least five times a week so it can get a bit draining,” she reportedly said.

Huldt said while it does make her feel good to know they find her attractive but most of the time she just wants to be left alone.

Hence, Huldt said she would happily pay £2,200 monthly for someone who does a good job and can scare people off.

The bodyguard, she said, only needs to accompany her to the gym and attend photo shoots with her.