KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 29 — After languishing in an animal shelter for over five years, a dog finally got its forever home thanks to a volunteer.

Doug Sears would walk dogs at the Animal Charity of Ohio five days a week and that was where he got acquainted with Ceasar, WKBC-TV reported.

“I work right across the street. Instead of going to lunch I come over here and take a dog and walk a dog for about an hour,” Sears said.

“Something about Ceasar stole my heart.

“I was just afraid that Ceasar might live the rest of his life here and I thought if he is going to live the rest of his life here, he might as well enjoy the rest of his life.”

Sears said he was excited that Ceasar, who has been adopted by his friend, was going home.

“It’s time he goes home and enjoys life on a couch with somebody who loves him.”

When Ceasar first came to the shelter in 2016, he was completely bald, covered in sores and heartworm positive.

“We have some really amazing dogs — like Ceasar — who have been here for years,” said Animal Charity of Ohio’s Jane MacMurchy.

“Our average tenant here is for about two years.”