KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 24 ― A British couple turned to OnlyFans for a more flexible work arrangement so that they could spend time with their children.

The duo, Bonnie and Tommy Slayed, film raunchy content for OnlyFans once their two young kids are in bed, Daily Star reported.

“We just want to be there for our children in their formative years rather than paring them off to someone else,” said Tommy.

“It gives us the flexibility to make good money while also allowing us to be flexible around the kids.

“We can’t imagine ever going back now, we do things on our terms and we put the hours in so we can enjoy life a little bit more in the daytime.”

Bonnie, 30, and Tommy, 31, met via the Plenty of Fish dating app back in 2015.

They moved in together six months later and now live in the South East of England.

The duo, who began their journey at OnlyFans last year, was encouraged to do so by their friends who are on the site.

They now makes up to £6,000 (RM33,780) on the explicit site ― with Bonnie having her own page while also sharing one with Tommy.

“So far us it brings us enough money in a relaxed way.

“Once the kids are a little bit bigger they can go to my parents more than they do now, and that will open up more opportunities.”

The couple usually spend time promoting their business at mid-morning before putting in more hours once their children are asleep.

Tommy described OnlyFans as “ethical porn” where the audience supports the creators financially and having subscribers who wanted to see their content was empowering.

Their ambition now is to make enough money to support their children so they never again have to return to more traditional jobs.