KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 18 —  A Taiwanese pet food manufacturer is sponsoring a year’s worth of pet food to encourage the people to adopt special needs pets from New Taipei City's public shelters.

This was part of a New Taipei Government-funded special-needs pet adoption initiative that began in March, Taiwan News reported.

Under the initiative, those who adopt special needs pets from the city's eight public animal shelters will be given benefits and gifts.

It is unclear what were the benefits and gifts given to the adopters but the initiative has successfully helped 43 older or disabled cats and dogs to find new homes.

Zhou Song-li, chairman of pet food supplier Young Li Trading, said the animal shelters have been seeing an increased number of senior dogs and cats in recent years.

He advocated for the adoption of elderly dogs or cats as they are usually more stable and fit in easier with families thanks to their decade-long experience interacting with people.

The city has over 1,300 dogs and cats in the eight shelters.