PETALING JAYA, July 23 — American brand Breakfast Cure has apologised after its claims on its take on congee for the Western palate caused a stir on social media.



“Recently, we fell short of supporting and honouring the Asian American community, and for that, we are deeply sorry,” it said in a statement.

“We take full responsibility for any language on our website in our marketing and have taken immediate steps to remedy that and educate ourselves, revising our mission to not just create delicious meals, but become a better Ally for the AAPI community.”

Breakfast Cure was accused of culturally appropriating congee, a traditional Asian dish on Twitter.

Twitter user Frankie Hwang shared screenshots of the brand’s post.



“Like a broken record, I must say that it’s unbelievably annoying to see white people ‘interpret’ cultures of millions and billions of living people like they’re archeologists.”

Another user Vanessa Nolan shared a screenshot of the brand’s description which has since been deleted, states how improved versions of the dish is deliciously designed to delight the modern palate.

The brand's description. — Picture via Twitter/VanessaNolan.
The brand's description. — Picture via Twitter/VanessaNolan.

“Yup, they’ve gone out of their way to make it non-disgusting for your ‘modern palate’. Don’t worry white people, you’ll like this.”

Twitter user JC Lau wrote, “I love how it is described as ‘gluten-free’ like this is a revelation or something, because congee is made from rice, which does not contain gluten.”

Another user, Casey Ho, wrote, “So a group of colonisers decided to culturally appropriate congee. Good Lord.”