Young Kelantan ‘ayam golek’ owner gives out food to the needy, personally feeds elderly lady

Hanif’s efforts have received praise on Tik Tok. — Screenshot from TikTok/Hanif Asyraf
Hanif’s efforts have received praise on Tik Tok. — Screenshot from TikTok/Hanif Asyraf

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KUALA LUMPUR, April 5 – He may have just opened for business a couple of weeks ago but a young ‘ayam golek’ owner has the needy in mind.

For 19-year-old Muhammad Hanif Asyraf Mohammad Ali, it was always his wish to share profits from his ‘ayam golek’ business with those in need, according to mStar.

Hanif has been grabbing the attention of many on TikTok after he has uploaded a video of himself giving out food to a fruit seller and personally feeding an elderly lady.

Hanif said that he stumbled upon the elderly lady while he was doing his usual rounds across the city centre in Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

“I met her while she was sitting on the pavement in front of a bank.”

“I think she’s about 70. When I asked whether she’s had her lunch already, she said not yet.”

“So I came back with some food for her and the fruit seller nearby,” Hanif said.

He admitted that he has a soft spot for elderly folks and the lady reminded him of his own grandmother who he would feed occasionally.

In the video, the elderly woman looked down and shed tears as Hanif fed her.

“She suddenly shed tears after telling me she’s from Terengganu and has been living in Kelantan for 50 years now.

“I didn’t ask any further questions as I don’t want to hurt her feelings, my intention is just to help give out food to those in need.”

Hanif shared that he was moved by the elderly lady’s selfless action when she started sharing her food with a stray cat nearby there.

“Everytime the cat asks for food, she will give to it without hesitation.”

Hanif’s TikTok video has been viewed over 400,000 times and has received over 60,000 likes.

Many applauded Hanif’s efforts and sympathised with the elderly lady.

While he is grateful for the support there were a few who accused Hanif of a public stunt for his business.

Hanif said has been receiving messages from the public requesting him to do a donation drive for the elderly lady, but he chose not to as it is a big responsibility.

He said that he would rather inform his customers that the money they pay him would be used for charity instead.

Hanif who is running the ‘ayam golek’ business with his brother, has been sharing videos of him doing charitable deeds on his TikTok page in hopes that the videos could inspire the public to do the same in the future.

To watch the full video, click here.

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