Kind Malaysians raise RM49,000 for Sabahan plantation worker after accident destroys his livelihood

The man known as Jaya was driven by desperation to walk to Lahad Datu Airport for help after he developed gangrene. — Pictures from Facebook/bhenharjulabdulrazak
The man known as Jaya was driven by desperation to walk to Lahad Datu Airport for help after he developed gangrene. — Pictures from Facebook/bhenharjulabdulrazak

PETALING JAYA, Sept 10 — Good Samaritans have successfully raised funds for a palm oil plantation worker in Sabah whose leg turned gangrenous after an accident in March.

Facebook user Bhenhar Jul Abdul Razak said he encountered a man named Jaya when he visited Lahad Datu Airport on the morning of September 9.

Jaya used to work in a palm oil plantation but his livelihood was destroyed when his motorcycle collided with a lorry six months ago, resulting in a broken leg.

His employer reportedly declined to provide any support and Jaya was forced to go on without receiving proper medical treatment for six months.

He was faced with a dilemma when gangrene began setting in and he found out that the cost to amputate his leg would come up to RM16,000.

Desperate and in pain, Jaya travelled to the airport yesterday on foot with his crutches to plead for help from the public.

“This morning, I went to Lahad Datu Airport and I saw a man sitting on the side of the road in a weak state while surrounded by airport staff.

“We learned that he had walked all the way from his village to the airport to ask for help from the public.

“I choked up while listening to his story and he told us what happened to him with tears in his eyes.

“He endured the pain at home while the condition of his leg worsened and the wound opened up until you could see the bone,” wrote Bhenhar.


Bismillah.. Pagi tadi time pegi Airport Lahad Datu, saya ternampak sorang lelaki yg dikelilingi beberapa kakitangan...

Posted by Bhenhar Jul Abdul Razak on Wednesday, 9 September 2020


According to the charity organisation Liga Kebajikan Asnaf LD, Jaya is supported by his wife who works at a night market with a daily wage of RM15.

Bhenhar then joined hands with Liga Kebajikan Asnaf LD and Bushra Borneo Resources and made a Facebook post calling on Good Samaritans to donate funds so Jaya can undergo surgery.

More than RM49,000 was raised in less than 24 hours.

In a breakdown of the donations, Liga Kebajikan Asnaf LD said RM10,000 will be allocated for Jaya’s surgery while RM3,000 will be used to buy daily essentials for his wife and children.

Part of the donations will also be used to buy a prosthetic leg for Jaya so he can continue working despite the tragic accident.

Any leftover funds will be channelled towards Liga Kebajikan Asnaf LD, Abang Pilot which provides free hearse services, and HOPE which offers free transportation to the hospital for the needy.

Bhenhar’s post on Jaya has gotten over 1,800 reactions so far and has been shared more than 2,400 times on Facebook.

Social media users sympathised with Jaya’s plight and prayed that he would bounce back from his hardships soon.

“I hope God will ease your affairs and I wish you a speedy recovery,” said one user.

“I pray things will go smoothly for you, my friend. Let’s all band together to take this weight off your shoulders,” wrote another.

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