Listen up Malaysians, John Legend's new ‘Oh Pitera’ love is an SK-II instant hit

John Legend stars in 'Pitera Masterclass'. — Picture courtesy of SK-II
John Legend stars in 'Pitera Masterclass'. — Picture courtesy of SK-II

PETALING JAYA, June 25 — SK-II has helped women all over the world, Malaysia included, to achieve crystal clear skin by harnessing the skincare properties of their unique fermented yeast: Pitera, a key ingredient in the iconic Facial Treatment Essence.

It is also evident that many are curious about Pitera Essence’s benefits as SK-II’s beauty entertainment web series “Bare Skin Chat” amassed 200 million views since it launched in March this year.

In the first episode of SK-II’s new installment, Pitera Masterclass, singer John Legend brings the “legend” of the Pitera Essence to life by serenading the audience with a love song called Oh Pitera.

The web series also features the return of Late Late Show host, James Corden, and Japanese comedian Naomi Watanabe and joining the cast is Chinese actress, Tang Wei.

Watch the entire music video below

Talking about the song, the award-winning singer said that he wrote it in about 30 minutes when he was at home, saying; "Perhaps it really is a miracle water? It was such a pleasure to join James Corden and the all-star cast Naomi Watanabe and Tang Wei to celebrate the wonders of SK-II and bring the song to life.”

SK-II developed Pitera after scientists observed how Japanese sake brewers had old, wrinkled faces but surprisingly youthful-looking hands, a result of their palms constantly coming into contact with the fermentation process.

It’s a closely guarded secret from the Far East that has found its way into the skincare regime of beauty aficionados who swear by the power of SK-II’s Pitera Essence. Years of research and user reviews have shown that the product really transforms the skin into crystal clear.

Stay tuned for the latest episodes of Pitera Masterclass every fortnight by subscribing to SK-II’s YouTube Channel.

This article was brought to you in collaboration with SK-II.

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