Valentine’s Day first-timers, take note of these dating tips before meeting your date tonight

Six tips to help you sail through your Valentine’s Day date night smoothly. — Graphic by Nurul Huda Mohd Dan
Six tips to help you sail through your Valentine’s Day date night smoothly. — Graphic by Nurul Huda Mohd Dan

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 14 — It’s Valentine’s Day and many couples (and perhaps singletons) will be feeling the love today.  

But if this is your first time celebrating the romantic day with your partner or possibly partner-to-be, there’s a good chance that you are having jitters and feel totally lost in terms of what to do.

The good news is that, you’re not alone!

To ease your tensions, here we have compiled some ingenious dating advice to help you sail through your date night smoothly:

Don’t feel like you have to break the bank

Sometimes, less is more!

Focus less on how much you’re going to spend – on the dinner, drinks and gifts – and more on what kind of effort you’re putting into it to make the night memorable.

It’s always more appropriate to do it in a way that’s just perfect than to try and impress someone with money.

Bear in mind that overspending might put a little pressure on her, especially if this is your first Valentine’s Day together.

Look your best

A lot of men drag their heels at the idea of having to dress up for a date.

Just don’t be one of them!

Remember, all women pay attention to the little details related to appearance, and secretly love to see their date is looking above and beyond.

You don’t really have to wear a full tuxedo, but putting on something chic will help you impress her and get off to a good start.

Make sure your clothes match, aren’t wrinkled and look fit on you.

Be on time

Try to break the infamous “Malaysian timing” at least for the sake of Valentine’s Day.

It’s extremely rude to turn up late and let your date wait anxiously.

Avoid the ‘ex’ factor

That’s right!

Talking about your ex is dangerous territory.

If you do so, it is very likely your date will be turned off and may even think you are not over the ex.

It’s best to stay away from the topic, but if your date does bring up the subject, try to keep answers short and professional.

Allow two-way conversation

It’s completely fine to talk about yourself, your hobbies and status, but make sure the conversation is two-way.

Try not to make yourself look vain by bragging all about yourself, like a windbag.

If you know you are prone to talking a lot, try finishing every sentence with "how about you?"

Don’t be cheapskate

While some people tend to overspend on the day, there are also some who just can’t let go of their calculative attitude.

If you want to make headway with those all-important first impression, it’s always a nice move for the man to settle the bill.

After all, this is a common courtesy that dates back to centuries ago.

However, times have changed and your date may offer to split the bill.

This is perfectly fine, especially if you two have just started dating each other.

But, before you swiftly accept the offer, see if the person's just being polite.

Good luck and happy Valentine’s Day!

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