Looking to get hitched this year? Here’s what Chinese and Indian astrologers have to say about love in 2019

It’s the new year and love is in the air.
It’s the new year and love is in the air.

PETALING JAYA, Jan 8 ― If you’re looking to get married in 2019 and feel the need for  “extra help”, you can consider asking advice from astrology experts to ensure that the lifelong commitment goes smoothly.

Many of us still hold on to the traditions of our forefathers as a way of preserving our heritage and that includes consulting astrologers on the best dates to host special occasions in our life.

Seasoned experts in feng shui and Vasthu Shastra say that lovebirds can choose an auspicious wedding date by looking closely at their birthdays.

In feng shui, this concept manifests itself as bazi, a Chinese astrological concept for determining one’s fate based on their birth year, month, day, and hour.

“In order to find an auspicious date to tie the knot, we need to study the bazi for the couple.

“First, we look for the auspicious dates in Tung Shing, which is the lunar calendar indicating all the auspicious and inauspicious dates for general matters such as moving houses, praying, officially starting a business, and more. Then we match the bazi of the bride and groom with the dates,” said Lee Cheng Hoe, a feng shui expert based in Penang.

According to the Tung Shing calendar, March 10, March 16, May 18, June 5, and June 6 are just a few of the lucky dates to hold a wedding this year.

Edward Chin of Edward Feng Shui argues that choosing the proper date for marriage is crucial as it helps to sow the initial seeds for a successful union.

“There is an old Chinese saying, ‘a man’s blissful life depends on the auspicious hour when he is born, while a woman’s blissful life depends on the auspicious hour when she is married.’ This indicates the importance of choosing the auspicious date and time to tie the knot.

“Chinese people believe that when the right date is chosen, the bride will have a safe, rich, and prosperous life after marriage,” Chin said.

In order to be considered a lucky date, Kenny Hoo from Good Feng Shui says it needs to meet certain requirements, including being in harmony with the couple’s birthdays and being able to provide prosperity to the newlyweds.

“Usually a good day must carry the feature of not only not clashing with both the bride and groom’s personal bazi combo nor to both of their parents’.

“The selected dates must be able to provide positive boosts to health, love, wealth, and future fertility luck, and better still, trigger the appearances of noble people or good supporters (to the couple),” Hoo said.

Hence, couples are cautioned to stay away from dates that coincide with Qingming (April 5 until May 4) and the Hungry Ghost Festival (August 1 to August 29), as these are periods where more negative energy or qi is believed to be present which poses the risk of unwanted incidents occurring.

Selecting the right date is also an important aspect to consider for Hindu couples according to practitioners of Vasthu Shastra.

Yuvaraj Sowma, a seventh generation Vasthu Shastra astrologer, said January 23, January 27, February 1, February 10, March 3, and March 4 are just some of the upcoming auspicious dates for couples to seal the deal.

Sowma, who hails from Chennai, added that looking to the stars was the key to pinpointing a promising day for lovers to tie the knot.

“Astrology is a kind of science based on time. It's scientifically proven that the gravitational force between the planets can affect the lives of non-living things and living beings on the earth.

“We can see that the gravitational force between the earth and moon can cause tides in the ocean and many other phenomena. In the same way, finding auspicious dates is finding the perfect planetary position which will lead to favourable results,” he said.

The astrologer also advises couples to check their compatibility based on their birthday and place of birth to ensure they will enjoy a harmonious relationship.

But what if, despite all the talk about marriage, you’re still feeling unlucky in love?

Mason Soh, a feng shui consultant based in Kuala Lumpur, has some advice for individuals who want to cultivate promising romantic relationships in 2019.

“To guys who wish to successfully propose to their partner or those who wish to get a boyfriend or girlfriend this year, they can put a water fountain in the south-southeast corner of their home,” Soh said.'

Water fountains are seen as harbingers of luck in feng shui as it nourishes good qi energy and therefore attracts good fortune to its owner.

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