Open letter to my PM Dr Mahathir on Zakir Naik — Ravinder Singh

AUGUST 14 — My humble appeal to you Sir, is not to wait until “nasi dah jadi bubur” before coming to your good senses about the radical, racist, agenda of Dr Zakir Naik.

Your misplaced love, affection and defence of Dr Zakir has given him so much face that he is now freely trampling over the non-Muslims in this multi-racial country where peoples of different faiths have lived peacefully for ages, like those in Sabah and Sarawak.

Emboldened by your vehement defence of him, he continues brazenly attacking the Indians and has now started attacking the Chinese, saying that if Malaysians want him out of Malaysia, they must first get the Chinese out of Malaysia. Who is he who knows not the history of Malaya and Malaysia to make such an arrogant call? So, he wants Malaysia to become a single race and religion country? He makes his radical jihad clear as crystal! 

Dear PM, you are acting like an overprotective father who is in denial of the misbehaviour of his favourite child, unable to control his tantrum throwing. Instead of firmly acting to stop the tantrums and disciplining the child, you give in to the child’s demands and further spoil him, thus putting him, through tacit approval of his behaviour, on the road to becoming a future troublesome person, even a thug and a criminal.

Dr Zakir’s latest attack on Malaysian Indians and Chinese is a direct result of your blind stand that you will not deport him. He takes that to mean that you have given him a free hand to do what he wishes and he will continue to be treated as a VIP permanent resident.

Dear PM, you are a human and not infallible like anyone else. But you harbour the attitude that being the PM it is your, and yours alone, to decide on any matter. This reflects pride and arrogance which Islam says a leader should not have.

You feel, like what you did in the Bukit Merah radioactive waste burial graveyards debacle, that when you have made a decision it must be defended to the hilt no matter how wrong it is. This is because you strongly subscribe to the theory of “tell a lie and repeat it often enough and the people will believe it is the truth”.

So you keep defending Dr Zakir on the claim that he will not get a fair trial in India, and therefore he cannot be sent out of Malaysia. You want people to accept that as the truth.

He is said to be a citizen of Saudi Arabia. So can Saudi Arabia refuse to take back its own citizen? Yes, you need not send him back to India, but why not to Saudi Arabia, or any of the many other Muslims nations that should be happy to receive him with open arms?

Please put aside pride for the sake of Malaysia that you are going to leave behind. Don’t leave us a Malaysia that is torn apart by racism as a result of Dr Zakir’s jihad. There already are a few locals trained by him who are following in his footsteps.    

What use would Malaysia be if all its people are of a single race or religion but is a broken country like some in the Middle East?

Bear in mind that you were given the mandate to serve the people, of all races, creeds, religions without distinctions between them. This is in accordance with the Federal Constitution, isn’t it?

The single most important matter in a multi-racial, multi-religious country that Malaysia is, is peace and harmony between all of them.

Peace and harmony is not built in a day, like Rome was not built in a day.

So please don’t let jihadists like Dr Zakir destroy this multi-racial, multi-religious nation.

Take a lesson from Humpty Dumpty. It is very easy to destroy the peace and harmony in a nation by allowing just one person treated as a VVIP to go around giving incendiary talks, making disparaging claims, calling people names, in the name of religion. Once destroyed, like the fallen Humpty Dumpty, it will not be possible to restore it to what it was in the good old days.

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of Malay Mail.

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