Stop public spectacle of disgusting sexual display ― Patriot

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JUNE 20 ― Intra party factional fighting within Pakatan Harapan (PH) parties is rearing its ugly head and threatens to derail our nation’s reform agenda, efforts to rebuild our economy, and jeopardies plans to brace us for an impending world economic downturn that will also hit our country.

Dr Jomo Kwame Sundaram, Senior Adviser at Khazanah Research Institute recently expressed concern on the state of our national political affairs and urged to prepare for hard times in the coming months for an economic downturn that will last for the next few years. Patriot shares the views of Dr Jomo. Through a number of our statements we have previously cautioned our politicians to take heed of the warning signs pointing to a world economic recession.

Both the US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank have signalled interest rates may not rise but start to decline hoping to spur growth. Growth has stagnated and even with lowered interest rate is unlikely to induce growth. Trade war, between US-China fought over the last 18 months, is now also fought at different fronts, more notably between US and Iran that has every potential to start a war.

In the light of such gloomy world economic outlook, Malaysia that relies much on income from commodities, will inevitably be much affected. Coupled with our close to RM 1 trillion foreign debt and obligations, it is obvious our people will face hardship in the months and years to come.

We wonder if our politicians are aware of what is to come. Looking at the way politicians fight tooth and nail against each other for positions, it appears they are either not aware or do not care. The recent sex scandal purportedly involving a senior PKR minister and another PKR member who is also an aide to the Deputy Primary Industries Minister is a case in point.

There are now also photos resembling that of the Finance Minister engaging in homosexual acts. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s remark that he wouldn’t be surprise if photos of him engaging in homosexual acts would soon surface indicated a cynicism and public ridiculing that our local politics has lowered to the level of the gutters.

Politicians who engaged in such dastardly acts aimed at incriminating one’s character are nauseating, senseless and are cowards. They are scumbags who Malaysian people do not deserve.

The current factional fight within PKR, which is the largest party in the PH coalition, does not augur well for our country. It has the potential to rip the coalition apart, sending the current course of institutional reforms and efforts to stabilise our economy into a tailspin. The PKR leadership has to get its acts right and not allow public display of its disgusting internal politicking. 

The people have voted the politicians into office and expected them to lead, set a good example, and save the nation from the blunders cause by irresponsible politicians of the past administration. The people do not wish to see one set of irresponsible politicians be replaced with another. 

Patriot wishes to remind politicians that members of the security forces past and present have played their part in ensuring peace and security for the people and the nation. Many suffered hardship, had permanent injuries, and sacrificed their lives in defence of the nation. As a group we have had the privilege of being commanders and therefore fully understand what good leadership entails.

Politicians must stop the nonsense of intra party factional fighting through making public spectacle of disgusting sexual acts. They must behave, show maturity, and be good leaders.

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of Malay Mail.

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