SAN FRANCISCO, June 11 ― Twitter is embracing audio. The social network wants to make its application more accessible, especially to users with disabilities, notably by bolstering its audio features. The latest in line is a new tool providing audio descriptions of charts.

As sound becomes more and more prevalent on social networks, Twitter continues to develop audio tools to enhance its platform and reach more users. Like LinkedIn, the social network has deployed a new tool to support users with disabilities. Aimed at the visually impaired, this feature can translate data from a chart into audio, offering users access to both audio and written descriptions.

For the moment, the tool has only been launched as a test and is only available in English. Twitter has not said whether this trial could be deployed on a larger scale.

The platform has developed a variety of tools to improve accessibility for users with disabilities, such as automatic captions for videos and voice tweets, or adding alternative text to posted images.

Twitter also offers a “Spaces” format, with audio rooms that are increasingly resembling podcasts. ― ETX Studio