Hashtag of the month: #ArabTikTok celebrates Arab culture in the United States

Videos featuring #TikTok Arab have attracted over 25 billion views. — AFP pic
Videos featuring #TikTok Arab have attracted over 25 billion views. — AFP pic

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SAN FRANCISCO, April 3 ― It's the hashtag of the month on TikTok. With #ArabTikTok, the video platform is honouring the culture of the Arab American community. Videos using this keyword have accumulated more than 4 billion views. The goal? To give more visibility to this content, both entertaining and serious. The hashtag will be promoted throughout the month of April, considered Arab Heritage Month in the United States.

After Black History Month in February and the Women's History Month in March, it's now time for Arab Heritage Month to be celebrated in the United States. An annual event that TikTok has chosen to become engaged with. The platform has launched the hashtag #ArabTikTok, which has already gathered more than 4.4 billion views. “We're putting the spotlight on our incredible community of creators on TikTok. Here's to the #ArabTikTok community that celebrates the culture, drives progress, and inspires us each and every day,” TikTok wrote on the page dedicated to the hashtag.

While the keyword “ArabTikTok” has gathered more than 4 billion views, this is nothing compared to “TikTokArab” which has gathered more than 25 billion views to date and the hashtag “Arab” which has collectd more than 26 billion views. “Arab American creators continue to raise the bar and change the game on TikTok,” the platform said.

Live programming

During this month dedicated to the Arab culture as a whole, TikTok wishes to spotlight “Arab voices,” their stories and their point of view. “On TikTok, our Arab American community highlights culture and creativity through sharing stories, highlighting history, passing along recipes, and showcasing music and dance from the Arab community. This month, we'll spotlight these incredible stories through #ArabTikTok and LIVE programming that brings the community together for continued connection, education, and celebration,” TikTok explained.

US users will be able to discover live programs and “experiences within the application,” accessible from the “Discovery” tab, the social network also said, without detailing the content.

This is not the first time that TikTok sets up a hashtag dedicated to a monthly event. The month dedicated to the history of the Black community as well as the one that celebrates the women's month, respectively February and March, have also been entitled to their dedicated hashtag. ― ETX Studio

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