What you need to know about Maybank's new MAE e-wallet

Maybank Anywhere Everyone (MAE) is all about embracing the digital payment lifestyle. — Screenshot of Maybank MAE site
Maybank Anywhere Everyone (MAE) is all about embracing the digital payment lifestyle. — Screenshot of Maybank MAE site

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KUALA LUMPUR, March 5 — Maybank just launched Maybank Anywhere Everyone (MAE), a new digital e-wallet with a difference.

Now to help you decide whether it's going to be MAE for your digital payment needs, here's a handy guide to the new service.

1. You don't need a Maybank account

This is a very interesting aspect of MAE. You could look at it cynically as a subtle means of promoting the bank's services to non-Maybank customers but it's not, according to them.

Instead, it's a way of supporting the government's drive towards electronic payments.

You need to download the Maybank app, but to top up the wallet, you can use any bank account.

If, after, using the service you find you want a Maybank account after all, you will get an easy path to setting up a Maybank2u Premier account. But you will also need to go to a physical branch to do what is called a Step Up (become a full banking customer).

2. However, signing up is easier if you are a Maybank customer

If you're not a Maybank customer, you will need to enter details such as your name, IC number and other information.

Existing Maybank customers only need to login to the Maybank app and at the MAE prompt, enter your email address, state and an optional invite code.

3. The limit is set at RM4,999

While it is fairly annoying if you were to make bigger ticket purchases, it's in a way a safety feature to cap your losses. Still, for added safety, you can set your own maximum limit under Settings>QRPay and choose your cumulative cap as well as a daily limit.

4. Your own virtual Visa card

If you're a non-existing Maybank customer, this might be the best reason to sign up -- you'll get a virtual Visa card that you can also use with either Maybank Pay or Samsung Pay. That means a dedicated number, expiry date and CVV code.

Why not with existing customers? By default, if you have a savings account with Maybank you will likely already have a Visa-enabled debit/credit card linked to your account.

5. Money MAE-Hem lets you play a game for cash

No gambling involved here -- when you click on the big M logo that appears on the bottom right-hand side, you'll be taken to the MAE interface.

A little square logo at the bottom displays a game where you press on coins, while avoiding bombs. At most you'll earn a few sen but hey, free money is nothing to scoff at.

6. You can pretty much use it anywhere that supports QRPay

If you already know how to use QRPay (scanning barcodes) then anywhere that supports either Maybank Pay/Samsung Pay will let you use MAE. Just make sure that in the settings you also set which is the default source of cash -- your regular account or your MAE account.

7. Splitbill and Request Money/Send Money features are not locked into the app

One of MAE's handy features is being able to divvy up a bill between people - just split it and notify your friends via the app of how much they owe.

They don't even need to be MAE users, you can even use social media/WhatsApp to get notifications. You can use Splitbill with up to 30 people -- handy for big office lunches.

You can also send requests for money or send money via the app, also without you needing to interact only with MAE users.

8. You can close the account, but only in person

While you can apply for an account online, you need to go to the nearest Maybank account to close your MAE wallet.

The service is already available -- just download the Maybank app from either the App Store or Google Play. To activate it, you will however need to load at least RM10.

Is the service worth trying? If you don't already have a million e-payment services, it does have benefits -- including ease of signup and non-lock into Maybank.

For more info on terms and conditions, visit the Maybank website here. (link: )

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