SINGAPORE, June 23 — A Singapore company rewarded one of its migrant workers with a surprise visit from his wife and toddler daughter on Father’s Day weekend.

This year, celebrations for Pollisum Engineering’s 40th anniversary happened to coincide with Father’s Day on June 16.

Before that, it held a lucky draw, where the winner, 36-year-old Sun Ke, was only told that he would receive a video message from his family.

Then on June 16, Pollisum Engineering, which describes itself as a “heavy lift and transport” company, held its anniversary celebrations at the Montigo Resort in Batam, Indonesia.


There, it invited Mr Sun Ke, a lorry crane driver who had been with the company for 10 years, on stage to watch the video message from his family.

To the worker’s surprise, his wife and daughter were ushered in soon after that.

In a video shared by the company, a tearful Sun Ke could be seen rushing off the stage to share a warm embrace with his family.


“I feel like I’m dreaming,” he said.

He had been unable to see his family for over a year, because his daughter was still too young to travel.

Speaking to TODAY in Mandarin, the worker said that he had been “completely kept in the dark”.

He had just spoken to his wife the day before the company bash and had planned to visit his family in September.

His family had taken a six-hour flight from Jinan, China, to Singapore and a one-hour ferry ride from Singapore to Batam for the reunion.

Mr Sun Ke and his family also enjoyed an extended vacation hosted by Holiday Inn Express & Suites from June 17 to 19.

He said that his daughter “kept asking for her father” when it was time for his family to leave.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing them again.”

Mr Sun Ke and his family at Montigo Resort, Batam in Indonesia. — Pollisum Engineering picture via TODAY
Mr Sun Ke and his family at Montigo Resort, Batam in Indonesia. — Pollisum Engineering picture via TODAY

Appreciation for employees

Pollisum Engineering described Mr Sun Ke as a “dedicated husband and father” who had undergone a one-month quarantine when he returned to China in 2021 to be with his wife when she was about to deliver their daughter.

The girl was born in December that year as the Covid-19 pandemic was raging.

He had to return to Singapore when his daughter was three months old.

Pollisum Engineering said that its commitment to reward and acknowledge loyal employees is an “integral part” of its company culture.

The company said: “As a migrant worker, he (Mr Sun Ke) has limited time to spend with his family.

“Thus having them with him on Father’s Day was a morale boost that motivated him to further dedicate his skills and talents to grow with the company.”

Pollisum Engineering has a workforce of 278 employees with 78 per cent of them being migrant workers from mainly China and Malaysia.

The company holds an annual dinner and dance to recognise the contributions made by its employees and celebrate the firm’s achievements. — TODAY