SINGAPORE, June 20 — Two women were charged today with starting a fire outside a public housing unit along Canberra Road and planning to set a second fire.

Alexandria Tammy Lim Xuan Yi, 25, and Clara Yip Zi, 20, were each handed two charges: One of committing mischief by fire, and one of conspiring to commit mischief by fire.

Both women appeared in court without any legal representation, via a link from their place of remand.

The police on Wednesday evening said in a press release that they received a report at 10.35pm on Monday about a case of fire. This was outside a Housing and Development Board (HDB) flat along Canberra Road in Sembawang.


The two women were identified and arrested the next day.

Court documents showed that they both allegedly set fire to three slippers outside the front door of a flat at Block 352C along Canberra Road on June 17.

The pair, along with another unknown person on messaging application Telegram, also allegedly agreed at about 2.00am on Tuesday to set fire to the house door and shoe rack outside a housing unit along Hougang Avenue 3.


Court documents did not mention when they intended to carry out their plan.

On Thursday, Yip informed the court that she intends to plead guilty.

The court offered her bail of S$15,000 (RM52,260) but required a parent to be one of the bailors, to which Yip said that she has “no parents”.

When asked by the judge to clarify this, she said that both had “died already”.

Her case will be heard again on June 24 for a bail review and on August 1 for her guilty plea to be taken.

For Lim, the prosecution informed the court that she is under further investigations for cheating-related offences.

Bail of S$15,000 was also offered to her.

Her case will be heard again in court on July 18.

If convicted of committing mischief by fire or conspiring as such, a person can be jailed for up to seven years or fined. — TODAY