Most Singapore students to return to school from June 28; Pri 1 to 3 students on home-based learning for another week

On May 16, MOE had announced that all students would move to home-based learning due to a rise in Covid-19 cases. ― Reuters pic via TODAY
On May 16, MOE had announced that all students would move to home-based learning due to a rise in Covid-19 cases. ― Reuters pic via TODAY

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SINGAPORE, June 14 — Students will gradually return to school after the June holidays, with Primary 4 to 6 pupils, Secondary 3 to 5 and all junior college and Millennia Institute students to be the first to return to school on June 28.

In a statement today, the Ministry of Education (MOE) said that students at the institutes of higher learning will also progressively increase the number of students allowed back on campus for physical classes from June 21.

“Schools and  institutes of higher learning campuses will continue to adhere to safe management measures to keep students and staff safe,” it said.

The mid-term school holidays for primary and secondary schools end on June 27 and Term 3 classes resume on June 28.

For primary school to junior college students, the schedule by which pupils and students will return to school is as follows:

Pri 4 to 6 pupils, Sec 3 to 5 as well as junior college and Millennia Institute students to return from June 28

Sec 1 and 2 students will be on home-based learning until June 30. They will return to school from July 1

Pri 1 to 3 pupils will be on home-based learning for the first week of school (June 28 to July 2). Schools will continue to provide instructions and support for students to access online and hardcopy home-based learning materials

All students will return to school from July 6

On May 16, MOE had announced that all students would move to home-based learning due to a rise in Covid-19 cases.

To facilitate care arrangements, MOE Kindergartens and school-based student care centres will resume fully from June 28 as well, the ministry said in its latest statement.

For special education school students, schools will stagger their return to physical lessons from June 28, based on the students’ needs.

All special education students may return to school from July 6.

As for co-curricular activities, physical activities will resume from the second week of Term 3, starting with “low-risk activities”, MOE said

“Given the need to minimise intermingling of students from different schools in line with the gradual resumption of student activities, the National School Games for Junior and C Divisions as well as the remaining games for A Division will be cancelled.” 

Students from institutes of higher learning may progressively resume physical classes on campus from June 21, where all small-group classes or consultations that were previously conducted online may take place on campus.

Physical examinations may also take place with no more than 50 people for each venue. Students may continue to return for essential in-person lab and practical sessions.

Classes and lectures with more than 50 attendees will continue to be held online.

All physical classes and other activities on campus are subject to strict safe management measures, MOE said.

Centre-based classes

Centre-based classes, such as third-language classes, as well as art and music elective programmes, may resume physical lessons for graduating students from the first week of Term 3, while non-graduating students will have to continue with home-based learning.

All centre-based classes may resume physical lessons for all students from the second week of Term 3.

Tuition and enrichment classes

All tuition and enrichment classes for students aged 18 years and below may resume physically from June 21.

“Tuition and enrichment centres should regularly check and adhere strictly to MOE’s requirements for tuition and enrichment centres,” the ministry said. 

It added that sports, and arts and culture classes should also make reference to national sports governing body Sport Singapore and the National Arts Council’s latest guidelines.

Private education institutions

All private education institutions must continue to abide by all national safety regulations for Covid-19.

“They are strongly encouraged to take reference from the measures from schools and institutes of higher learning and decide if they wish to adopt any that are tighter than national safe management measures,” MOE said.

These measures to be put in place in schools include the wearing of masks at all times, daily temperature-taking, regular cleaning of high-touch surfaces and disinfection of premises daily.

“MOE strongly urges all parents and students to play their part by continuing to be socially responsible, to minimise the risk of infection in our educational institutions.”

The ministry added that students and staff members should seek immediate medical attention if they feel unwell and not go to school, campus as well as tuition and enrichment classes.

“Parents are to keep their children at home if there are children or adult household members who are unwell with flu-like symptoms. They can return to school if their household members are tested negative for Covid-19,” it said.

“MOE will continue to monitor the situation closely and make adjustments in accordance with the national posture.” — TODAY

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