KUALA LUMPUR, June 25 — The animated series Mechamato has once again garnered the attention of both local and international animation enthusiasts, following the display of its advertisements on billboards in Tokyo.

MONSTA director-general Nizam Abd Razak, took to Facebook to share a short video and images showcasing Mechamato’s advertisements prominently displayed in Akihabara, Tokyo’s renowned anime hub.

“Mechamato in Akihabara, the centre of the anime world! Mechamato x Tokyo MX!!” he excitedly posted on his social media yesterday.

According to a statement released today by MONSTA, two seasons of the Mechamato series are currently airing on Tokyo MX and various streaming platforms in Japan, with the third season anticipated to debut by the year’s end.



The series’ success in establishing itself in Tokyo has garnered attention and support from netizens, who expressed pride and excitement at witnessing a local animation gain international recognition.

MONSTA is an entertainment company renowned for its creation of popular fictional characters like BoboiBoy, Mechamato, Papa Pipi and Fly With Yaya. Dedicated to producing high-quality family entertainment, MONSTA continues to captivate audiences worldwide. — Bernama