PARIS, June 21 — Here is a look at five key films in the career of Canadian actor Donald Sutherland, who has died at the age of 88:

‘The Dirty Dozen’ (1967)

In his first big screen role, Sutherland starred alongside Lee Marvin and Charles Bronson in Robert Aldrich’s film set in World War II.

He played an army sergeant whose 30-year prison term for murder will be suspended if he survives a mission to assassinate German officers in Nazi-occupied France.


‘M*A*S*H’ (1970)

Sutherland’s star turn in the anti-war black comedy hit M*A*S*H, directed by Robert Altman, as snarky, charming US Army surgeon Hawkeye Pierce brought him wider recognition.

The role was taken over by Alan Alda for the subsequent television show about the zany field hospital in Korea.


‘Klute’ (1971)

Sutherland starred as enigmatic small-town private detective John Klute, who gets entangled with a New York call girl (Jane Fonda) as he hunts for a missing man in this suspense thriller directed by Alan J. Pakula.

The film is the highlight of Sutherland’s partnership, both private and professional, with Fonda, who won an Oscar for her work.

‘JFK’ (1991)

In Oliver Stone’s biopic, Sutherland played the chilling role of X, a shadowy intelligence figure who gives crucial information to a district attorney (Kevin Costner) investigating the politics surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

‘The Hunger Games’ (2012)

Sutherland glowered as the tyrannical President Coriolanus Snow, ruling over a post-apocalyptic state, in this blockbuster film and its sequels, delivering what The Hollywood Reporter called a “sinister performance”.

The franchise is based on a series of best-selling young adult novels by Suzanne Collins. — AFP