KUALA LUMPUR, May 9 — Celebrity entrepreneur Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor’s baby boy Muhammad Bilal Muhammad Haris received over RM14,000 worth of duit raya this year.

The jaw-dropping monetary collection the infant received was made known to fans and followers when Neelofa shared a 45-second TikTok clip.

Bilal is less than four months old.

She and her celebrity preacher husband Muhammad Haris can be heard counting Bilal’s duit raya while the camera focuses on the piles of duit raya envelopes and Ringgit notes on the ground.

“Jazakallahukhair to everyone who gave duit raya to Muhammad Bilal.

“These are all the money that he has received, we even received a 1,000 Dirham note (RM1,193).

“The total amount of Bilal’s duit raya this year is RM14,020,” Harris said.




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Neelofa’s TikTok video has amassed over a million views with social media users who were in awe of Bilal’s duit raya collection in the comment section.

“His duit raya beats those who applied for EPF,” user Haikal Joe commented, using the acronym for the Employees Provident Fund.

“Most of us have a lot of one Ringgit notes but Bilal has a lot of RM100 notes,” commented user TheAmirahs.

“Bilal’s three day’s duit raya collection is almost equal to our savings of three years,” user Lyana commented.

However, other social media users criticised Neelofa for uploading the clip as they felt that she and her husband were flaunting their wealth.

“The rich get richer,” commented user laviosa.

“Is this an Islamic way?” user lin M450 commented.

“Ustaz, is it okay for us to flaunt our duit raya this way? Sorry for asking because I’m surprised to see you flaunt your money,” user desyyulasmi commented.

Neelofa and Haris tied the knot on March 27 last year and she gave birth to Bilal in January this year.