KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 2 — TVB’s highest-paid actor Moses Chan hopes to be able to come to Malaysia more often now that he owns a property here.

Sina.com reported that Chan was given a serviced residential unit worth RM845,800 during his appearance at the launch of Maris Place KLCC recently.

Oriental Daily quoted Chan as saying that this was his first time being gifted property and all his properties are for his three children.

“They are my Queen and Kings.


“I am just a worker, earning money diligently from my acting jobs and cafe,” said the father of two boys and a daughter.

He shared that he was very careful with his investments and would not indulge in risky ventures.

“I opt for investments that are more stable and will enable me to preserve my capital.”


“Even when I invest in share markets, I will opt for long-term investments that will give me two or three-fold returns,” he said.