PETALING JAYA, Oct 23 — Malaysian girl group Dolla has rubbished claims that they are copying popular K-pop band Blackpink.

Member Sabronzo, 25, told Harian Metro that while Dolla does look up to Blackpink for inspiration, any similarities between the two girl groups are merely “coincidental.”

“I know many people think that we’re copying the performance style of Blackpink. However, any similarities are coincidental.

“There are not that many Malaysian girl groups and even the most popular ones back in the day were Feminin and Elite. To me, I think Dolla has a unique identity,” said Sabronzo.

Dolla has garnered their fair share of negative comments since they debuted in March this year with the song Make You Wanna.

A majority of the criticisms took aim at the girls for purportedly lacking originality and for promoting a sexy and sultry image with their music.

Sabronzo said that naysayers are entitled to their opinions and that she and her fellow members remain grateful for the support shown by their fans so far.

“We are staying cool and collected because everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

“If the comments touch on sensitive topics or foul language, we will just ignore them.”

Besides Sabronzo, Dolla consists of members Tabby, Syasya, and Angel.

The quartet has been plagued with accusations of copying Blackpink since their debut; both bands have four members and sport outfits that combine elements of tough streetwear with girly colours and silhouettes.

Member Syasya, 19, has also been said to bear a resemblance to Blackpink’s rapper Lisa due to their similar hairstyles.

Despite the comparisons, the Dolla members hope to carve out an identity for themselves by becoming a “new-generation girl group” in Malaysia.

Their first song Make You Wanna touches on themes of female empowerment and the strength of self-confidence, a message that the band aims to put forth once again in their upcoming single Impikan.