PETALING JAYA, October 5 — American actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt has released a short film on Malaysia’s rich diversity through collaborative efforts with talented Malaysians.

This is Malaysia features pictures and short videos featuring Malaysia’s cultural festivities and diverse races to scenic landscapes such as the paddy fields, caves and the Cameron Highlands tea plantations.

Scenes in the short film which include pictures, captions and the voice-overs, were all contributed by Malaysians who were selected through thousands of applications.

The film, which is a collaboration with HitRecord, is an application founded by Joseph himself where anyone from across the globe can contribute to an array of projects such as documentaries and creative prompts.

HitRecord also provides opportunities for anyone to participate in the creative process regardless of location, background and experience the creative outlet to do what they find inspiring whether it be writing, singing, short films or taking pictures.

Posted three days ago, the short film has already garnered over 3,800 likes from social media users at the time of writing with many expressing how proud they are as Malaysians.

One user wrote : “What a beautiful compilation Joseph. Thank you for showcasing the beauty of Malaysia to the world.”

However, there were a few who said that the film was not representative of the other races in the country.

Previously, the American actor also posted that he was looking for artists to collaborate with him for an original song and music video for his movie Project Power.