KUALA LUMPUR, June 9 ― Is Islamic reality television personality PU Abu Sufyan back with his first wife Ain Afini Latif as claimed by his ex-wife Hana Azraa?

Abu, or his real name Muhammad Abu Sufyan Mohd Mokhtar Rozaidi, has directed all queries to Hana instead.

Speaking to Malay portal mStar, Abu said he refused to discuss his private life on social media platforms.

“I do not want to comment about the matter and if you want to know further you will have to ask Hana herself,” he told the portal.

Hana, or her real name Nurhannah Azra Mohd Zakir, had on Sunday claimed that Abu had returned to his first wife Ain following an Instagram post by Abu wishing his son with Ain, Muhammad Adam Aysar, happy birthday.

Hana had claimed she was forced to reveal the matter to protect her son Muhammad Uwais Al-Mateen from being ridiculed by internet users.

She hoped that Abu and Ain would be open about their marital status.

“I hope Abu and Ain will just admit they are back to being husband and wife,” the cosmetics entrepreneur said.

Hana revealed in April that she had been divorced by Abu, whom she married in May 2019.

The private life of Abu and his wives has been fodder on social media following his divorce from the seven-months pregnant Ain.

He had divorced her to marry Hana.

Abu and Ain's marriage ended after Ain refused Abu's request to allow him to practice polygamy when they were two months into their matrimony.