KUALA LUMPUR, March 23 — Taiwanese actress and ballroom dancing queen Serena Liu passed away last night at the Taipei Veterans General Hospital, where she was admitted for treatment.

Liu, 44, fell into a coma after undergoing a heart valve repair surgery at the hospital on February 7.

She had also undergone another operation to remove a blood clot in her brain and put on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, a life support machine, while waiting for a heart transplant.

She left behind her husband Shin Lung and a four-year-old daughter.

Shin, 48, was previously reported as saying that Liu had found out about her heart condition when taking their daughter to the doctor.

When her daughter refused to have a stethoscope placed on her chest, the doctor listened to Liu’s chest as a demonstration to calm the child.

That was when Liu was told that she had a heart murmur and was advised to seek further treatment.