It's more than just flying the flag

AUGUST 19 ― I drove on a Jalur Gemilang-covered road this morning.

Street lamps, government buildings, trees, and even flower pots were not spared. There was even a house with Jalur Gemilang planted between the garbage bin and a dying tree.

I’m not sure how much more Jalur Gemilang the streets can take, but given that we have another two weeks before the "big" day, I won’t be surprised if I see perched birds covered in the red, white and blue.

Is it just me? Or is this an overcompensation on our part?

You know, the case where you pig out, and then go jogging, running, diet, fast after that trying to lose that extra weight.

But in this case, it's like you’ve done something really bad to the country, and are trying to make up for it.

Well, that was what I thought it felt like.

Malaysians have begun to realise that they are void of leaders, what more statesmen for that matter, with the events that happened over the last few weeks.

We are basically down to simpletons who inflate themselves to appear big like a hot air balloon, but are so fragile that you cannot probe them. Lest you want to see them flutter, falter and, well, fail. Every question, criticism is like a sharp needle that could send them falling like a heap of useless rubber to earth.

Pathetic as it sounds, that would have been somewhat tolerated if they had at least try to put the country, nation and her people first.

Not their own interest. And certainly not their party’s. Both sides forget that there is nothing more paramount than our best interest at heart. Their agendas can wait.

Scratch that. Their agendas can go fly kites.

I cannot seem to recall the last time we heard them talk about our future. Our nation. Our people.

Can you?

It reflects the mindset they are currently in, which is prerequisite in drawing up policies and goals. Being occupied and trying to keep the party alive to win the next election, as opposed to making the country and her people better could mean completely different action plans and agendas.

Where and what are their priorities?

Because ― correct me if I am wrong ― what is good for the party might not be good for the nation.

What is good for the nation could spell the end of a political party. No?

I know of those who sell off their morals and ethics for a lot less.

Don't say that the donor made the donation with the best interest of the rakyat in mind. Come on, even the one with a 3.8 CGPA doesn't buy that. What more the rakyat.

So in this Merdeka month, and given all that is said about the country, there is only one question that has eluded us all, and one that we should all ask ourselves:

If, being independent is defined as an autonomous state that self governs, without interference and involvement of other nations when exercising their sovereign rights, places the welfare of their state and her people above everything and everyone else, can we consider ourselves independent?

Selamat Hari Merdeka. God bless you, Malaysia.

*This is the personal opinion of the columnist.

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