PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA - Media OutReach Newswire - 14 June 2024 - KingChi, a renowned rapper known for his smooth rhymes and hit songs such as "Confusion, 1 life, Fed up" has recently been making waves with his latest music video collaboration. "It's Showtime," the latest track, features KingChi teaming up with BK8 E-Sport, a cutting-edge Live TV App for streaming all football and other sports programs in stunning 4K visual quality.
KingChi X BK8 E-Sport Collaboration Captivates Fans
KingChi X BK8 E-Sport Collaboration Captivates Fans

The music video is a creative masterpiece, showcasing live rap and capturing the essence of the sports industry. The song's meaning revolves around BK8 Esports's collaboration with the Aston Villa football team, making it a hit with both hip-hop and sports fans alike.
BK8 Esports is thrilled to co-produce this music video as part of its commitment to promoting the thriving music industry in Cambodia and showcasing the sports industry. Fans can now enjoy the unique experience of watching their favorite sports programs on the BK8 E-sport Live TV App, with clear and seamless 4K visuals.
Through this collaboration, KingChi and BK8 Esports aim to reach out to both hip-hop and sports enthusiasts, providing an innovative and stellar experience that embodies the unique sound and visual quality that has come to define their work. They look forward to sharing this exciting collaboration with fans and hope that you will join us in celebrating the best of both worlds - sport and music!
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