Malaysian skincare brand leverages Shopee Live to educate skincare enthusiasts

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Media OutReach - 20 November 2023 – The Raw., a homegrown skincare brand, educates users on the importance of achieving healthy skin through Shopee Live. The company conducts interactive livestream sessions providing skincare consultation, informative do’s and don'ts of their products, and increases awareness on their range of specially-developed skincare for Malaysians.

Before and after of Adibah Mazlan, who used her own products for three months to clear her skin
Before and after of Adibah Mazlan, who used her own products for three months to clear her skin

The Raw.’s knowledgeable skincare experts offer real-time consultation for users to share their skin concerns and discuss the best science-backed products and routines for their skin type on Shopee Live. They share their personal experiences with various serums, show before and after photos of themselves, and explain the science behind the active ingredients in the products and how it affects different skin. This approach fosters a sense of community among skincare enthusiasts, creating a trusted space where they feel heard, understood, and empowered to take control of their skin health.

Some burning questions that viewers have asked in-stream were: ‘I have dry skin, can I still use the acne drying solution?’, ‘Can I mix niacinamide with ascorbic acid serum? Will it cause me breakouts?’, ‘Can the arbutin serum be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women?’ and more. These experts share valuable advice and product how to’s.

“Shopee Live has been a valuable tool for The Raw. to connect with Malaysians and share our expertise in skincare. We believe that our online consultation and truthful sharing methods build trust with our customers while helping us to better understand their skincare needs. I hope to continue using Shopee Live to educate Malaysians on the science behind healthy skin to help them achieve their goals,” said Adibah Mazlan, founder of The Raw., and board-certified pharmacist.

The Raw.’s decision to embrace Shopee Live as an educational channel has proven to be a resounding success with over 30% of their orders coming in through live stream in 2023. This year alone, they have sold over 31,000 products, six times more than the year before, owing this improvement to their Shopee Live sessions. The company plans to increase their frequency from 110 to 140 livestreaming hours a week, propelling their mission in raising awareness on skincare to Malaysians.

"Live commerce has revolutionised the way brands connect with customers, and The Raw. is a prime example of this transformation. We believe that Shopee Live provides an unparalleled avenue for brands to have on-screen conversations, share informative insights, and showcase their products in an interactive way. We're incredibly proud to have The Raw. on Shopee Live and look forward to supporting their continued growth on the platform," said Kenneth Soh, Head of Marketing at Shopee Malaysia.

The Raw.’s products are developed with scientifically-approved ingredients that are gentle enough to address a variety of skin concerns, including acne, wrinkles, and dryness. Since its inception in 2020, they have sold over 47,000 products on Shopee. Their bestseller, ‘Acne Spot Drying Solution’, has helped over 17,000 Malaysians battle pimples, with close to 2,000 bottles sold monthly.

“My passion for skincare stemmed from my personal struggles in fixing my acne. I realised that many formulations in the market have a high percentage of active ingredients that may not be suitable for all skin types to solve their specific skin concerns, and I wanted to fix that. Combining my pharmaceutical and medical knowledge, The Raw. was born to provide safe, high-quality, effective and most importantly, affordable products for Malaysian skin,” Adibah concluded.

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* Year-on-Year comparison is done from 1 Jan 2023 - 31 Oct 2023 against 1 Jan 2022 - 31 Oct 2022.
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About The Raw.

The Raw. is a Malaysian skincare brand that is committed to providing high-quality, affordable skincare products to Malaysians. The company's products are formulated with scientifically-approved ingredients that are gentle on the skin at optimum concentrations to address a variety of skin concerns. The Raw. offers a wide range of products to suit all skin types and concerns. The company is committed to educating Malaysians about the importance of skincare and has a team of skincare experts who are available to answer questions and provide personalised skincare advice.


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