KUCHING, Nov 21 — Sarawak is still awaiting the decision and feedback from the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) on whether or not there is any law or policy in place for the commercialisation of the traditional rice wine “tuak”.

In stating this, Deputy Minister I for Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts Sarawak Datuk Sebastian Ting said he had submitted the inquiry to the AGC several months ago.

“For the time being, I still cannot answer that question.

“I am asking if the AGC could assist me in this matter, and I hope this would not take a long time,” he said during the Borneo Tuak Festival’s media session here today.

Ting had also mentioned that the production of “tuak” by a particular ethnic group for ceremonial purposes did not violate any laws — unless the production was meant for commercial purposes.

Sarawak has 34 ethnic groups, and some have similar production methods but are given different names from that known by the Dayaks, namely “tuak”.

“I have just found out that in the Bisaya language, it is called ‘Aik Pengasih’,” he said.

Ting also said should the “tuak” become popular outside of Sarawak but there was no law to control its quality and protect the producers and the consumers, this could pose a danger. — Borneo Post