KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 11 —The Health Ministry (MoH) has not fixed targets for the second Covid-19 vaccine booster dose in the country, said Khairy Jamaluddin.

The health minister explained that the ministry has consistently put in significant effort towards building public awareness on the importance of Covid-19 vaccination.

“I feel that many already know about Covid-19 and the benefits of being vaccinated and where to get the vaccine,” he said in explanation at the press conference of the launch of a cancer awareness programme called Beauty (Bringing Health and Understanding to You) and Health.

He expressed hope for doctors to continue advocating the second booster to their patients who were eligible or at high-risk of Covid-19 infection.

Five per cent of Malaysians aged 70 - 79 years have taken their second booster, while it was only 4.5 per cent for those aged 80 and above, Khairy disclosed today

“It is still quite low, but we estimated that the take-up would not be high and we will continue to recommend and encourage those above 50 and with health issues to take their second jab,” he said.

He also said the ministry yesterday discussed its future Covid-19 vaccination policy and will consult with experts before making a decision.

“It doesn’t seem like we will be offering [the second booster shot] to everyone. I don’t think that it’s very likely unless there is a new severe variant,” he added.

“But anyway, I will be announcing our policy once we have clarity on what it is,” he concluded.