MIRI, June 19 — While others are enjoying their weekend, many affected Miri residents were busy collecting water supply at the water collection points for their daily usage.

In a random survey conducted yesterday, many people were seen queueing up at all water collection points across the city after water supply was cut-off in most parts of the city since June 16 to allow for repairs of the water mains.

A housewife Sia Yen Peng said she had to buy food as she was unable to prepare meals for her family as there was no water supply at home.

“We have to buy food from outside to save the water that we have collected for essential use such as for drinking.

“I wanted to buy mineral water but the cheapest brand was already sold out. The only ones left at most of supermarket shelves were the expensive brands costing about RM30 a box and of course, I couldn’t afford to get them,” said Sia when met at water collection point at Desa Murni in Permyjaya yesterday.

Another affected resident, Riti John appealed to the Northern Region Water Board (Laku) Management Sdn Bhd and Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) to send water supply to the flat residents at Taman Ceria in Permyjaya.

Riti said most of the flat residents in the area had no transport to go to the nearby water collection points and it was also not convenient for them to bring back all the water-loaded bottles and containers from the collection points.

“Most of the men are working outside Miri and only the women are at home. Perhaps the relevant agency can assist us with sending the water supply to the flat residents.”

For Ajang Imong, he hoped that Laku would do their best to rectify the problem so that the water supply would be able to be restored back to normal.

“I’ve been told that the mineral water bottles have been out of stock at most of the shop outlets in Miri.

“I can’t afford to buy the mineral water that is why I’m willingly to make a beeline in order to get clean water supply for drinking.” — Borneo Post