KUALA LUMPUR, NOV 29 — A Parliament staff’s death yesterday has been confirmed to be due to Covid-19, according to Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya Health director Datuk Dr Param Jeeth Singh.

In a statement today, Dr Param Jeeth said the death of the 54-year-old male was notified to the department on November 28, and the deceased was not known to suffer any chronic illnesses.

“He has completed his Covid-19 vaccine doses on July 11, 2021,” he said.

Dr Param Jeeth added that the staff started to develop fever and coughing that led to him taking the Covid-19 PCR screening test on November 8 and the Lembah Pantai Covid-19 Assessment Centre (CAC) has notified that he is positive under Category 2.

This refers to patients displaying mild symptoms of Covid-19.

However when he went for assessment at the Bukit Bandaraya Community Hall where the CAC was located the next day, his condition deteriorated to Category 4.

This means he then required to be intubated before being admitted to Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

“The investigation into the movement of the case found that his movement previously only covered the workplace and home and was not involved in meetings with members of Parliament in the two weeks before he became ill.

“The case has also been absent from work since the onset of symptoms and the last day of attendance at the office is on November 3, 2021,” he said.

The Ministry of Health then identified a total of four close contacts namely two contacts at home and two contacts at work and all of them have undergone quarantine once identified. 

However the ministry said investigations are still underway to identify the cause of the infection.