KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 20 ― Malaysia reported another 45 Covid-19 deaths over the last 24-hours, as the death toll stands at 29,937 confirmed fatalities.

Data on the Health Ministry’s CovidNow portal showed that seven out of the newly reported deaths involved individuals brought-in-dead.

To date, there have been a total of 6,052 Covid-19 fatalities involving patients brought-in-dead.

Terengganu is still the state with the highest death rate per one million people with 39 deaths, followed by Sarawak with 33 deaths per million, Kelantan with 23, Perak with 22, and Kedah with 19.

On a whole, Malaysia has a rate of 16 deaths per million people. Klang Valley is at nine deaths per million where Selangor has an average of 10 deaths per million and Kuala Lumpur with eight deaths per million.

Data also showed that over the past six months, 64.6 per cent of Covid-19 deaths involved unvaccinated individuals, 22.2 per cent involving the partially vaccinated, and 13.3 per cent of 3,646 deaths involving fully vaccinated individuals.

Over the same six months, 55 per cent of Covid-19 deaths involved those aged over 60, another 44.7 per cent involved those aged 18 to 59, and 0.2 per cent of deaths involved infants to 17-year olds.

CovidNow also included the updated breakdown of new cases, where out of the 6,355 new cases yesterday, 1,737 were detected from Selangor, 735 new cases in Kelantan, 543 in Sabah, and 497 cases in Johor.

This is followed by 407 cases in Kedah, 358 in Pahang, and 324 new cases detected in Kuala Lumpur.

In total, the local Covid-19 tally now stands at 2,570,192 confirmed infections since the pandemic began. There are 68,637 active cases as of today.