KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 31 — Gaza Municipality has named a road in the western district of Gaza city as “Malaysia Street” in commemoration of Malaysia’s National Day today and as a sign of Palestinian friendship with Malaysia.

Palestinian Cultural Organisation Malaysia (PCOM) chairman Muslim Imran said the gesture is a sign of appreciation for the strong solidarity shown by Malaysia to Palestine over the years, especially through its convoys, humanitarian missions, humanitarian aid and political stand.

“So, the Palestinian people would like to thank you and express our appreciation to the Malaysian people through this gesture...the naming of the road as ‘Malaysia Street’ comes from the commemoration of Merdeka on National Day.

“I hope that this will further strengthen relations between the two countries. The Palestinian people in Gaza of course have welcomed this move by the Municipality of Gaza.

“Hopefully the relationship between the two nations will continue to grow stronger, until someday when Palestine will be free and Malaysians will come to Gaza and Jerusalem to celebrate our Merdeka with us, InsyaAllah,” he told Bernama when contacted today.

Meanwhile, Gaza Prime Minister’s Office Head of Public Policy Abdullah Waleed said the decision in naming the road was well received by the public in Gaza.

“This morning, the Malaysian flag was raised in the main streets and roundabouts in the city centre of Gaza to celebrate Malaysia’s National Day.

“This shows the strong ties enjoyed between Palestine and Malaysia. It also reflects the appreciation amongst Palestinians in Gaza towards Malaysian officials and people over their support for Palestine,” he added.

The Malaysia Street signage is located at Ansar roundabout, to the west of Gaza city. — Bernama