KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 1 — Malaysia administered 519,111 doses of Covid-19 vaccines yesterday to keep the country on track for its target of vaccinating the entire adult population by October.

Of these, 237,657 doses were administered in the Klang Valley alone as part of Operation Surge Capacity, the government’s initiative to accelerate vaccination in the heart of the country’s industry that was also the main source of new infections.

The operation is on the cusp of achieving its target of giving all adults in the Klang Valley at least one dose of vaccine by the end of today, with 92.7 per cent already partially vaccinated as of yesterday.

According to the Special Committee for Ensuring Access to Covid-19 Supply (JKJAV), Malaysia has now given out a total of 20.5 million doses across the country.

The number includes 13.8 million doses going towards those receiving their first dose of the vaccines and another 6.7 million as the second doses for full vaccination.



This meant that over 40 per cent of the country’s adult population have partial protection Covid-19 from receiving their first dose while another 20.6 per cent have been fully vaccinated.

The government is now aiming to vaccinate the country’s entire adult population by October, having brought this forward twice from the original target to do so by the first quarter of 2022.

Vaccination has become the foundation of the government’s Covid-19 response as existing lockdowns have been shown to provide diminishing returns in breaking the chain of infection.

Yesterday, Malaysia reported a new all-time high of 17,786 new Covid-19 cases, bringing the country’s total to 1.1 million cases.

The country’s death toll from Covid-19 rose to 9,024 yesterday after another 165 Covid-19 patients died.