Berita Harian quoted Bukit Aman Internal Security and Public Order Department SAC (Operations) SAC MV Srikumar M. Nair as police manning roadblocks will be able to use the code to corroborate the letter and verify its legitimacy on the spot.

"When the code is scanned, it will request a particular number code which only the police have. When you enter the code, it will tell you whether the letter is indeed for the bearer," he said during a police discussion forum (Ruang Bicara PDRM) yesterday.

Srikumar also denied the existence of a double standard for certain individuals or groups, when it came to permission to cross state and district borders.

"The police do not see the upper class (golongan kayangan) or otherwise. If one possesses valid documents and firm proof, then the application to cross the state or district borders will be permitted," he said.

The government reverted to letting Miti handle the authorisation letter yesterday, ahead of the two-week “total lockdown” today, after previously saying that the individual ministries would be responsible for authorising the sectors under their purview.