At PKR congress, ceasefire ignored as delegates attack Azmin

Perak deputy PKR chief Datuk MA Tinagaran speaks during the congress in Melaka December 7, 2019. — Picture by Ahmad zamzahuri
Perak deputy PKR chief Datuk MA Tinagaran speaks during the congress in Melaka December 7, 2019. — Picture by Ahmad zamzahuri

AYER KEROH, Dec 7 — PKR delegates did not mince their words in their speeches today in a veiled reference condemning deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali and the group loyal to him during the party’s national congress here.

Their stinging remarks made during their speech while debating PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim policy speech came just a day after calls by top party leaderships to close ranks and move forward from factionalism within the party.

Perak deputy PKR chief Datuk MA Tinagaran called out at a ‘cartel’ for supposedly dominating the federal government’s allocation, in a possible veiled reference to the group loyal to Azmin within PKR.

“We see this building, there is about 20 companies and the cartel controls the government allocation.

“We fought the Umno BN regime when they were in power. Now, are we to say we can’t even fight this cartel group?” he said to loud cheers from the audience.

Tinagaran then went on to state the three groups within a political foundation — the idiots, the tribes and the citizen.

He went on to explain each of the group, Tinagaran said the idiots were not stupid but cunning individuals who were self-centred and never having good intentions.

While he was careful not to name anyone, Tinagaran said the tribes would always confide with their own tribe members and only swore loyalty to their tribe leader.

“For the tribe is God and tribalism is religion.

“They are always afraid of differences and they use unorthodox methods to deal with people such as violence and intimidation which I believe many were present during yesterday’s Youth congress,” he said.

Going further, Tinagaran said these tribes loved to wage war and create havoc which was a stark contrast to the third group, the citizens.

Tinagaran said the citizens, of which he said many were present during the congress, were ideal individuals as they were capable, responsible and could think sanely.

“I have made the decision to become a citizen and I hope all of you here would do the same,” he said.

Earlier, another Kedah delegate Mohammed Firdaus Johari called upon Azmin to perform better in his ministerial duties.

“Alhamdulilah, we have an economic affairs minister from PKR, Azmin Ali.

“I want to ask, what are the programmes for the youth that can be experienced by the grassroots? I hope that the leadership and the minister (Azmin) will have a paradigm shift and solve the problems affecting the youth.

“As a younger brother advising an older brother, I urge you to focus your work on your ministry and less on being a menteri pengiring (ushering minister),” he said.

It is believed Mohammed Firdaus was referring to Azmin’s frequent sighting of accompanying prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in official events.

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