SEDC subsidiary sole agent for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in SE Asia

KUCHING, Nov 26 — Sarawak Metro Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC Sarawak), was today appointed as the sole agent for “Feichi” hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in South-east Asia following the signing of an agency agreement with Foshan Feishi Automobile Co Ltd of China.

Sarawak Metro was represented by its director Abdul Hadi Abdul Kadir while Foshan Feichi Automobile Manufacture by its general manager Jiang Yong and the company’s overseas marketing director Kingsley Chou.

SEDC chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Husain said the appointment is an achievement for a local company in the sale of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the region.

“The agency agreement for a two-year period will also open up the opportunity for the Sarawak-based company to lead the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles initiatives in the region.

“The Chinese company is also keen to appoint Sarawak Metro Sdn Bhd to become their sole agent in the region and to become their long-term business partner in expanding the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry in the South-east Asia,” he explained at the signing of the agency agreement.

He added that Sarawak Metro has already procured three units of Foshan Feichi’s hydrogen fuel cell buses for the public use in Kuching City and the vehicles have been performing very well.

Aziz said Foshan Feichi has demonstrated its commitment to ensure the buses are running well in Kuching by providing excellent after-sales service and customer support to SEDC Sarawak.

“Feichi is among the leading hydrogen fuel cell vehicle manufacturers in China and presently in Foshan City alone, there are 150 hydrogen fuel cell buses operating on the road and serving the general public there.

“I strongly believe there is great potential for us to pursue this cooperation in the long run and SEDC through its subsidiary company, Sarawak Metro, can provide the necessary market support to ensure its success that is both viable and sustainable,” he added.

“I am thankful to Jiang Yong and Foshan Feichi Automobile Manufacture Co Ltd for selecting Sarawak Metro as the sole agent for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in South-east Asia region.

“We look forward to a successful cooperation between the two parties in this agreement and we hope that it would achieve,” Aziz said.

Sarawak Transport Minister Datuk Lee Kim Shin was among those present to witness the signing of the agency agreement.

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