Only two ‘mamak’ restaurants in Pahang have halal cert, says state Islamic Religious Dept

KUANTAN, Sept 19 — Only two ‘mamak’ restaurants in Pahang have obtained the halal certificate and both premises are in the Kuantan district, Pahang Islamic Religious Department (Jaip) deputy director Datuk Mohd Ghazali Abdul Aziz disclosed today.

He said the good business at other ‘mamak’ restaurants could be one of the reasons for the operators concerned to not apply for the halal certificate.

“From our observation, the operators are happy with the huge crowd that patronise their shops that they do not see the need to apply for the halal certificate, although the process is not that difficult.

“They will only be charged RM200 for the certificate, which will be issued if all the conditions are met, and will have to be renewed after two years,” he told reporters after handing over the Halal Certificate for Pahang Maahad Tahfiz’s dining hall to Ikip Advanced Skills Centre (IASC) chairman Datuk Ahmad Munawar Abdul Jalil.

Mohd Ghazali said programmes, including campaign, would be carried out by the department to enhance awareness among ‘mamak’ shop operators and other restaurants to apply for the halal certificate.

So far, he said a total of 452 business premises had been issued with the halal certificate in Pahang, comprising restaurants, hotels and suppliers of raw materials. — Bernama

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