KUALA LUMPUR, May 27 — Shoppers looking for bargain deals for the upcoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri should be careful when buying kampung chicken.

According to Negri Sembilan-based Persatuan Pembiak Baka Ayam Kampung Warisan Malaysia, dishonest traders have been selling “coloured broiler” poultry disguised as kampung chicken instead of the real deal while reaping hefty profits.

“This tactic to deceive consumers to improve sales of chicken meat and increase profits has happened openly at wholesale markets, supermarkets, night markets, farmers’ markets and also food outlets,” WAK chairman Azhar Kasim, claimed in a statement today.

To further confuse consumers, he said some breeders had taken to calling such poultry “ayam kampung kacukan” or in English, “mixed kampung chicken’.

According to Azhar, cut pieces of poultry that have been marinated with spices and are sold as “kampung chicken” in retail outlets are not actually real kampung chicken.

“Such tactics have become more common as the agencies responsible for these matters have not taken effective measures despite complaints from chicken breeders and also consumers throughout the years,” Azhar said while urging the authorities to crack down on dishonest poultry selling.

So how can consumers tell which the real kampung chicken from the fake?

Azhar said the best way for buyers to be sure they are getting the genuine product is to get it direct from breeders and to ask if the poultry meat is from an “ayam kampung” before making the purchase.

Alternatively, he said real kampung chicken can also be bought at retail stores that have been certified to sell them.

“Ask for help from your friends and family members who have bought kampung chicken and products to avoid being deceived,” Azhar added.