Perak Speaker Ngeh: I’m richer than what MACC says

Perak Speaker Datuk Ngeh Khoo Ham ― Picture by Marcus Pheong
Perak Speaker Datuk Ngeh Khoo Ham ― Picture by Marcus Pheong

IPOH, Nov 23 — Perak Speaker Datuk Ngeh Khoo Ham corrected today his asset declaration listed by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) as RM82 million, not RM75 million as stated.

The Beruas MP from DAP, who currently heads the MACC’s list of Pakatan Harapan (PH) MPs’ asset declarations, said the RM82 million included RM2 million for his children.

“I did not know how MACC valued my worth at RM75 million. There must be some mistake.

“So, do not be surprised if my asset increased another few million next two years down the road,” he told reporters.

The Perak State Legislative Speaker also said he had another two assets which could not be valued at the moment.

“One is on my insurance and the other is my law firm, Ngeh and Co, which I will pass it to my partners as I don't practise law anymore. They value on both the assets are yet to be evaluated,” he added.

Despite topping the MACC's list ahead of Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who has accumulated assets worth RM32 million, Ngeh said he was not the richest MP.

“I want to be transparent and I have declared my assets, but I'm not the richest MP. There are a few Pakatan Harapan MPs and also all Barisan Nasional MPs who are yet to declare their assets.

“Based on the previous reports, I think most of them have billions or hundreds of million assets. So if you compare me with them, my asset is not much,” he said.

Ngeh also said he could show accounts for all the assets he declared.

“I must say that God has been kind to me. I must say that my life has a series of blessings. I have been a lawyer for 32 years. But for the last 20 years, I wasn't solely working for money after I got my first RM2 million. The investment I made gave me a huge return.

“I'm quite detached from money, it did not dictate how I live my life. I still have my RM6 hair cut near my legal firm and often have roadside meals. I also train my children to have a simple life too,” he added.

Ngeh said that his success was due to the pledge he made during his younger days to be free from corruption.

“My youth adviser to Methodist Church Youth Group, who is also a graduated teacher, failed her driving test six times just because she refused to agree to pay a guarantee-pass driving licence.

“She always reminds us as a Christian young man we should be a blessing to the society. I also failed my driving test several times as I followed her advice. But that resolution since young kept me away from all corrupt practices,” he added.

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