WELLINGTON, July 4 — Two women have come forward to accuse author Neil Gaiman of sexual assault.

British news outfit Tortoise Media published the allegations as well as recorded a four-part podcast series about the alleged incidents.

The first woman, referred to as “Scarlett”, 23, alleges that Gaiman sexually assaulted her at his New Zealand residence in February 2022 within hours of meeting, in a bath.

She was at the time nanny to his young son. Tortoise reports that Gaiman claims they “made out” and “cuddled” in the bath and consent was given.

He also said that over three weeks of their supposed sexual relationship, the interactions were entirely consensual.

As for the second woman, she was an 18-year-old fan, referred to as ‘K’, who met Gaiman at a Sarasota, Florida book signing in 2003.

Two years later when she turned 20, they began a romantic relationship where she claimed to have to submit to painful and rough intercourse “she neither wanted nor enjoyed.”

Gaiman said (according to Tortoise Media) that he is disturbed by K’s allegations and denies any unlawful behavior, saying he thinks K’s accusations are motivated by regret over their relationship and as for Scarlett, that she is perhaps suffering from false memories of their time together.

As of press time, New Zealand police have received a complaint about Gaiman and made “a number of attempts to speak to key people” and that “those efforts remain ongoing.”

63-year-old Gaiman is a popular book and graphic novel writer, whose works The Sandman, Good Omens (co-written with the late Terry Pratchett) and American Gods were also made into critically acclaimed TV series.