PARIS, Aug 3 — It’s the hit movie of the moment.

The Minions 2 continues to make news. After the “Gentle Minions” trend saw young moviegoers banned from showing up at theatres in a suit and tie, Minions are trending again on TikTok.

This time around, big brothers and sisters are having fun using makeup to transform their littlest siblings into pint-sized Minions.

Since the release of the animated film, Minion-style “language” and the movie’s theme song are on everyone’s lips, but lately it’s been this makeup prank getting laughs on TikTok.

Adults offer to do the makeup of little kids to give them a butterfly look or transform them into superheroes before smearing their face with yellow.

A way to make fun of their kid relatives who, thanks to their size, already look a bit like the fictional characters.

The #minionmakeup hashtag has already racked up nearly 60 million views on TikTok, and to reproduce the effect is extremely simple.

Using makeup designed for children, a layer of yellow is applied across the entire face, while white is used to create a contour around the eyes, and black to draw the glasses.

The result isn’t exactly attractive, and while it may amuse teens, many of the children are often very disappointed...

Most of the videos end in tears. Many specify that after playing the joke on the child, they then do the makeup look originally requested by the child.

Despite provoking disappointment in the young victims, the trend continues to buzz and has even reached some celebrities.

On their joint account, Kim Kardashian and her daughter North have re-enacted the trend.

In this example though, both were well aware of the result, and it is North who does the makeup on the face of her mom who proudly poses with an all-yellow face.

One thing is sure, North sure knows how to accentuate her mom’s beauty.

If you are tempted to get in on this new makeup trend, perhaps try it on yourself as some are doing, or at least warn your mini model to avoid disappointment. — ETX Studio



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