PARIS, June 25 — When nature calls, who hasn’t ever taken advantage of a swim in the sea to relieve themselves of a pressing urge? But this is a physiological need that local authorities in the Spanish city of Vigo advise you to control if vacationing in the vicinity, at the risk of being hit with a €750 (about 3,486) fine.

If you’re planning a vacation in the Spanish city of Vigo, in Galicia, towels and sunscreen aren’t the only things you’ll need to remember when heading to the beach.

You’ll also need to make sure you use the lavatory before you leave, to help you stay on the right side of the law when enjoying the sand.

The municipality has decided that urinating in the sea or on the beach is now a punishable offense.

And this is a serious business, since a decree has been issued to make the new rule part of the city’s official beach regulations. Revealed by Spanish TV channel, Antena 3, the news did not cite the exact reasons for this decision.

Visitors can rest assured that the city council has planned to install public lavatories in the necessary places to help people avoid being fined €750.

However, since the offense also concerns those who relieve themselves directly in the sea, it’s not immediately clear how this might be policed...

As well as preventing the sea around Vigo from being soiled by the urine of bathers, the municipality has also prohibited the use of soap and toiletries in the water, and in amenities such as showers or footbaths. — ETX Studio pic